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Importance of Career Counselling

Importance of Career Counselling, Empowering Futures: Exploring the Importance of Career Counselling

Empowering Futures: Exploring the Importance of Career Counselling

In this episode, Ms. Suchitra Surve talks about importance of career counselling. Parents and students are getting information related to Careers, but the question is how to choose or select a career. We are living in time were there are a lot of assessments like online, psychometric or aptitude tests or interest test the list long and confusing. Psychometric assessment, interest test, Aptitude test for choosing a career, Test for recruitment, banking or taking up a course or job which leads to confusion.

Psychometric assessments are developed by psychologists and standardized on certain population, validated and then gone to the public for use of assessments and there by career selection. These tests are very different from the popularly known as aptitude tests as these test focus on only one or two aspects. It might be related to that specific career or course they are offering or an industry that they are looking at.

Assessments that are done for career counselling have many aspects to it. It involves identifying intelligence, basic aptitude; it might be in numerical, mechanical, spatial or verbal skills and assessment of personality and also of your interest. After the assessments batteries are done the report is generated and interpreted by a counsellor. By counsellor we do not mean somebody who is selling a course.

But somebody who is professionally qualified and has relevant degrees and the authority to under the results, interpret and match the results with personality with the profile. And that’s the team at Growth Centre focuses on, so that we can reach larger students and help students and enable them to make right career choices based on their profile.

Step one of assessment is done be it online or offline but be sure that the right kind of professional is counselling you with that report. It is not a just a software generated report but report needs to be interpreted and spoken to you and discussed with you.

We at Growth Centre follow this process because we think a person is beyond just the profile. There are a lot of aspirations, expectations and a lot of confusion that are there in the minds of parents and students.

So in counselling session all this is discussed. We do identify why a particular career will be more suitable, why not a certain career, what are the procedures that are involved, what are the possible entrance exam that need to be taken or what are the loop holes, what are the advantages of selecting a particular career.

It’s all discussion based and information based and that’s how enabling the right career choice is easier. There are times a career counselling session ends at a thought process were we tell students to think about it as there are times when certain suggestions are given which you have not thought of. So take some time and get back to us.

We don’t just have a career growth channel but to offer Personal Counselling, Aptitude Testing, Coaching for Studies Abroad, Enrichment Programs, Workshop for Training and Development and study abroad counselling as well. If you need more information then please visit our website or call us on below numbers. Mumbai: +91 22 25287474 / +91 22 25288844 / +91 96992 16857 Bengaluru: +91 78296 88844

Frequently Asked Questions For Importance of Career Counselling

1. What is career counselling?

Career counselling is a process where trained professionals help individuals explore their interests, strengths, and goals to make informed decisions about their career path.

2. Why is career counselling important?

Career counselling helps individuals align their skills, interests, and aspirations with suitable career options, leading to better job satisfaction and success.

3. When should I seek career counselling?

You can seek career counselling at various stages, including high school, college, mid-career changes, and when facing challenges in your current job.

4. How does career counselling benefit students?

Career counselling assists students in choosing the right academic path, identifying potential careers, and making informed decisions about their future.

5. Can career counselling help with job search?

Yes, career counselling provides guidance on job search strategies, resume building, interview preparation, and networking skills.

6. How does career counselling cater to different industries?

Career counsellors are trained to understand various industries and job roles, enabling them to offer specialized advice based on individual preferences.

7. What assessments are used in career counselling?

Career counsellors often use personality assessments, aptitude tests, interest inventories, and skills assessments to provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s strengths.

8. Is career counselling only for students?

No, career counselling is beneficial for individuals of all ages and career stages, including professionals considering career changes or advancement.

9. How can career counselling help in finding a sense of purpose?

Career counselling helps individuals explore their passions, values, and personal goals, leading to a career aligned with their sense of purpose.

10. Can career counseling aid in work-life balance?

Yes, by understanding your preferences and values, career counseling can guide you toward career paths that align with your desired work-life balance.

11. How can career counseling address uncertainties in career choices?

Career counsellors provide a structured approach to exploring options, analyzing pros and cons, and evaluating the potential impact of different decisions.

12. What if I’m unsure about my strengths and interests?

Career counsellors use assessments and in-depth discussions to uncover your strengths and interests, helping you gain clarity about potential career directions.

13. Is career counseling a one-time process?

Career counselling can be a continuous process, especially during transitions, such as changing careers or advancing to higher positions.

14. How can career counseling support individuals in non-traditional career paths?

Career counseling is adaptable and can help individuals explore unconventional careers by assessing transferrable skills and aligning them with opportunities.

15. Can career counseling enhance job satisfaction and fulfillment?

Yes, career counselling increases the likelihood of job satisfaction by helping individuals choose careers that resonate with their values and interests.

16. Is online career counselling effective?

Online career counselling can be effective, offering convenience and accessibility. However, in-person sessions may provide a more personalized experience.

17. Can career counselling prevent burnout and dissatisfaction?

By aligning your career with your values and interests, career counselling can contribute to a more fulfilling and sustainable career, reducing the risk of burnout.

18. What role does self-assessment play in career counselling?

Self-assessment is a fundamental aspect of career counselling. It helps you understand yourself better and make informed decisions about your career path.

19. How can I find a qualified career counsellor?

Look for career counsellors with relevant education, certifications, and experience. Check reviews, ask for recommendations, and assess their approach.

20. Is career counselling an investment in my future?

Yes, career counselling is an investment in your long-term career success, job satisfaction, and overall well-being by guiding you toward a fulfilling career path.

Career counselling is a valuable resource that provides guidance, clarity, and support in navigating the complex landscape of career decisions. By leveraging professional insights and assessments, individuals can make informed choices that align with their personal and professional goals.

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