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How to Make the Best of Covid Times

In this episode, Ms.Suchitra Surve talks on How To Make The Best Use of COVID Times.

A few months ago we entered the brand-new decade and suddenly the world just flipped, the reason, Pandemic and because of it, we all have been experiencing a parallel spread of anxiety, instability, impatience, intolerance, and frustration, which is natural.

This pandemic has affected everyone irrespective of the age whether it is the school students, college students, working professionals, individuals, and even businesses.
So, what is the impact that it has had???

Schools students are now forced to be at home, no outdoor play, no friends, boredom and suddenly switching to studying online, losing touch with reading, writing, and interaction with people.

On the other hand, college students who are used to freedom have suddenly started facing new restrictions, the final year students facing confusion about their job prospects and campus placements, the obvious worries about the future, and managing online classes or online internships and no personal attention.

The most affected population is the working population. Work for many has always been a reason for stress and now it is work from home, managing finances, managing uncertainty about career, managing children, spouses, siblings, senior citizens, lack of social life and work for home too. Yes, these are tough times for all of us, but most of us have been able to cope up with it and adjust to the “New Normal.” So, despite being able to re-gain our routines to some extent, our learning should never stop.

So, let us look at some ways to make the best use of this time.

School Children:
For school children it is the best time to learn, explore hobbies, maybe learn a new language, develop skills to be independent, strengthen their basics and inculcate habits like reading, listening, observing, and even mastering the art of doing nothing, being patient.

College Students:
For college students it is really a good time to explore their interests from a career perspective, they can research and think about various career options, speak to a lot of professionals, try to prepare for the challenges ahead, while doing so learn new skills, take up courses online, update resume and ensure that your physical and mental health is good and most importantly learn to be independent and self-sufficient.

Working Population:
For the working population focus would be on strengthening the bonds with people, the connect, the network. updating skills is essential to survive in these uncertain times, getting used to technology trying to plan things ahead whether it is from a career point of view or finances and not to forget to unwind yourself and take care of yourself if possible try to have a different connection with your family and friends.

So, regardless of age, we all should have a routine, planning is essential so plan out things, learn, adapt, explore, connect, exercise, indulge in self-care, and most importantly maintain positive well-being.

Remember, this situation is only temporary and things will go back to normal eventually. But when we are yet to find out but till then try to find healthy ways to cope with the situation and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Stay home, Stay safe, Use time wisely.