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Home Science as a Career

Home Science as a Career – Mugdha shetye talks about the forth stream that is home science. Home science is a scientific course of study which moulds a student with a variety of life skills. This is a unique discipline with a blend of science and art. It does not limit itself to the home related skills of cooking, laundry, decoration and stitching. Home science is now out of the shell of misconceptions and opened its doors for new avenues in all possible fields of life. One can take home science after class 10th. One studies different subjects like Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry, and Biology along with two languages. Further one can do Bachelors and Masters or Post graduate diploma courses in related field. Depending on universities eligibility criteria may differ. Some of the universities demand 10+2 Science with Chemistry and biology as main subjects for further Graduation and Post Graduation Courses as there are certain specialization which science as the base. But is it not mandatory.

Various specializations which one can pursue in home science are Nutrition and dietetics, Food science and quality control, Human development, Family resource management, Textile designing. There are some specializations in which one can do post graduation diploma courses. Some institutes will require you to clear Entrance exams or will take you on the basis of Merit. The admission is based on merit. Personality traits like Scientific and logical bent of mind, Aesthetic sense, Creative thinking, Good communication skills well, Organize things, Practical and realistic approach are required to be in the field. The job avenues will available on the specialization chosen at the Masters level. Textile designing one can work in leather industries, fur industries, furnishing fabrics, clothes or house hold items. Human development one can work in Counselling centers, rehabilitation centers, one can work as a therapist, or work in schools and colleges or start private practice. Nutrition and dietetics one can have own clinic, work in private or government hospitals and can provide nutritional counselling.