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Home Based Careers

Ms. Swati Salunkhe speaks about home based careers, Careers is not only working in a big organization or corporate. One can have home-based careers as well. Home-based careers are for everyone irrespective of age, gender, and educational qualifications. There are lots of opportunities for home based careers which are age-old like taking tuition, taking care of children, financial consultancy, and insurance agency and so on. There are new age home-based careers like Reiki, Mural making, decorative items, and trousseau. One has to keep in mind their skills and education before starting a home-based career. The reasons for choosing a home-based career could be personal or medical. One has to do the research well about the field they are getting into and also be willing to learn new things. You should know your client well, know your market value, have the ability to take risks to have a successful home-based career. It is important to be financially sound, have the support of your family and be aware of the competition to fulfill your commitments.