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Going to 11th

Going to 11th – The students who appeared and are waiting for the 10th std exams to get over, this is tough time. Tough in the sense of waiting – to get a sense of completion. It is a time of students having mixed emotions and uncertainty. There is a sense of relief that at least some papers are over while having anxiety over the fate of remaining papers. They are perplexed whether to go ahead and plan or follow the wait and watch scenario.

Instead of speculating or staying idle, it is better to use this time wisely. Here are some things that students can do:
• Firstly be fully prepared for the remaining papers – do not lose this opportunity to score as much as you can – now there can be no reason for your poor performance. This is a golden opportunity to aim high and increase your overall average percentage.
• If you are sure about your preparation, then start thinking about the next step – your career.
• Try to identify what you really want to and what you are really good at.
• Read about various careers and talk to people [elders /parents] about the kind of work they do and try to understand it.
• Read what includes in the subjects and the curriculum
• Find what comes naturally and easily to you.
• Do not immediately jump to conclusions about any career – just gather information and then analyse it.
• Understand the online process of application and keep your homework ready in order to apply for the upcoming academic year.
• Explore various colleges and courses that can lead you to your ultimate career and cross check with a professional.
• Prepare for college – not just clothes and course, but also understand the demands of the course and the nature of work that will follow.
• If you have chosen your stream and enrolled for any external coaching, then start preparing on a daily basis.
• Try to work through online lectures or notes if you have got any.

If you want to relax and do nothing, then ensure that you make up for the lost time once you the routine starts – but that’s not recommended. Use this extra time for preparing well for the next academic challenge and career. This situation is just causing a delay, not denial – you need to understand that, hence start now, get yourself into a routine and follow it in order to avoid future stress. You may start slow, but you should surely start.