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Environmental Science

What is Environmental Science?

It is the study of environment in a scientific approach of Physical, Chemical and Biological context. Environmental science is an advanced study of climatic change, conservation of energy, biodiversity, ground water and soil contamination and the technologies developed to arrest/treat air pollution, sound pollution, and even dazzling head lights of vehicles, Vehicles pollution, Industrial pollution, and plastic menace.

When Can I Enroll for Environmental Science?





B. Sc. (Env. Sci.)

10+2 Science[PCB]

3 Yrs.

Merit or Autonomous Exams

M. Sc. (Env. Sci.)

B. Sc. (Env. Sci.), Zoology, Botany, Physics Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Fishery Sciences, Computer Sciences, Applied Biological Sciences, Agriculture OR B.E./B. Tech. Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, IT, Bioinformatics, Civil, Chemical, Production

2 Yrs.

Merit or Autonomous Exams

PG Diploma in Env. Mgmt

Graduate from any stream


Merit or Autonomous Exams


Related Masters

Autonomous Exams

What Personality Traits Are Required to Become an Environmental Scientist?

  • Ability to summarize research findings
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Ability to work hard
  • An eye for detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Inclination towards environmental advocacy
  • Interest in environmental/public health issues
  • Patience
  • Precision & accuracy

Along with the above mentioned traits, some other skills required are computer literacy, technical writing, data analysis & risk assessment and so on.

What Aptitudes Are Required to Become an Environmental Scientist?

  • High Analytical reasoning skills
  • Average Numerical Ability
  • Average verbal Ability
  • Above Average Closure Ability

IQ Required to become an Environmental Scientist?

Minimum Above Average intelligence with hard work & consistency is preferred.

Job Opportunities For an Environmental Scientist?

  • Mines, Fertilizer Plants, Textile and Dying Industry, Food Processing Units etc.
  • Industrial Sector
  • Research and Development
  • Forest and Wildlife Management
  • Social Development
  • Environmentalist
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Consultants

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