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Do’s and Don’ts While Working From Home

Do’s and Don’ts While Working From Home – In this episode, Ms. Swati Salunkhe talks on certain Do’s and Don’ts while working from home. Work from home, the new normal. The New Normal which has come into existence from the past three to four months across the world and across sectors. So now we have to work at home for home and work from home and with most of us facing challenges.

The New Normal, work from home has its own opportunities and challenges. Certain Do’s which you need to take into consideration. First of all, ensure that there is a regular time table. Do not make your nights the day and days the night. If possible, ensure that you have the right connectivity and the right devices. Do not forget to exercise; exercise your mind, exercise your body, and especially your eyes. Be it any gadget that you are using, take short breaks. It is very essential as we don’t know how long you will be required to work from home and certain companies are going to make it mandatory to work from home for the next two or three or even five years.

While we are working at home, we need to understand that we need to have proper commitment levels too. While working from home ensure that you have your own working space. We do understand there are space constraints but a little corner can always be your workspace. Ensure that you have proper lights, the signals, the network. Also, your files need to be in one folder. Do not juggle more between mobile, laptop, or desktop. As far as possible be uncluttered and try to be as systematic as you can; have the right timings for everything. While we are saving from our travel time our workload at home has definitely increased especially if there are senior citizens or kids around and for women, it can be all the more challenging. See that the work is distributed properly among all the family members so that you are not totally strained and also not stressed out with the fact. Do keep your calm and exercise regularly and make the most of it. Be happy that you are still working and making the most of it with your family While there are certain dos there are certain don’ts too.

Don’ts in the sense that we know our office has shifted at home so do not get very embarrassed or fret over any kind of noises which are by the family members. It is their home; be it the child or the senior citizen or even your spouse. Don’t overcommit and underperform when you know the time constraints or certain deadline-driven projects be very clear how you are going to deliver it.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy…