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Digital Health During Covid Times

2020 a unique year, when it started, we were all excited about it but little did we know that something different was awaiting us this time – “The lock-down”. The impact of COVID has not only affected our physical health but also something that now we are living that is our digital health. Ms. Suchitra Surve in this episode speaks on Digital Health during COVID Times.

A lot has been spoken about the novel corona virus, the world started spending more time at home and for precaution. The more time people spent at home, the more usage of gadgets. This led to a global concern that is of digital health. The new normal which includes online studies, work from home, a lot of video call meetings with friends, families, online entertainment, movies, games, and even online parties all has become a part of the new normal which has led us to dependent on technology.

Technology can be very helpful. But in the past few months, we have seen that this technology has had a negative impact on our well- being. So, it is important to find a balance so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of minimizing the harms.

Let us look at how we can make healthy use of technology:

First and for most keep in touch with family and friends. We are just socially distancing ourselves and not distancing ourselves from people secondly, build new skills, or learn something in a fun way. There are so many options available online so go online and add value to yourselves. Try to watch videos and talk or read blogs that inspire or motivate you to bring out the best of you and to help you reach your potential. Last but not least monitor your physical activity and health goals. Do not forget we need to be physically active to be active online. So, monitor your health.

Let us now understand when technology becomes a problem for us, identifying when we have got addicted to gadgets, constantly thinking about going online or checking your phone for messages or some kind of emails or trying to avoid situations or trying to avoid work. Feeling anxious or at a loss when you don’t have your gadgets around you or when you feel like you can’t control the technology use and you have to need to use it whether it is required or not.

The way technology has overtaken our life, we cannot overlook it. But overusing technology can have multiple effects like internet addiction, wastage of time, health hazards like dryness in eyes, back issues, posture issues, and physical inactivity.

To avoid the harm and over usage of technology let’s try and find out what can we do to bring about a healthy lifestyle and enhance our usage and relationship with technology? Set a schedule for using gadgets & technology and follow it stick to it. Ask yourself how quickly you really need to respond to texts, emails, or other messages. Regularly choose off-screen activities over on-screen activities. Take regular breaks during the day. Spend some time without technology for this start small. Consider a ‘digital vacation.’ Choose one day a week to completely stay away from a device. You may start from a few hours a week. Look at when, where, how, and why you are using digital technology within the various contexts of your life. Be it education, entertainment, work, or connecting with people.

Remember, increased digital dependency can have negative impacts during this pandemic which in the long term can affect your well-being, So, not just your health but digital health needs to be taken care of. We know you are on-screen watching this but you should know when to switch off and what to see. Choose judiciously

Stay safe Stay healthy Stay connected