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Designing Myths and Facts

Ms. Mugdha and Ms. Chandani are discussing myths and facts about the career in designing.

Designing Myths

The first myth is if a person is good at drawing he or she should become a designer. It is not necessary to be good only in drawing but one should also be creative and innovative. The second myth is students feel that math is not required for this field so they would like to go for it. It is not a field free of math, basic maths knowledge is essential. The third myth is there is no theory for studying in the design field. There will be no course as such which will not have a theory at all as a part of studies. Though it’s a creative field drawing is one of the important subjects but there will be other theory subjects as well. For better understanding and application in the field, one has to learn the basic concepts. The fourth myth is that in this field only Fashion and interior are the course options. Fashion and Interior are better-known options but there are many other options like animation, graphics, multimedia, web designing, jewelry designing and product designing. This field has immense options and scope.