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Covid-19 Impact on Study Abroad Plans

The Impact of Covid-19 on Study Abroad Aspirations

Covid-19 Impact on Study Abroad Plans Covid-19 has affected everyone but with an increase in the number of cases, everything is unpredictable. Given the current scenario, many international students are finding it difficult how to face these challenges that have affected the education sector.

In this situation, students are applying to universities, colleges, and state universities abroad that are not very well known to be on the safer side because of the fear and havoc the Covid-19 has caused.


With all the uncertainty around let’s try to focus on the developments as still the education sector has got months to unfold.

Online Learning

To reduce the spread, most of the universities have come up with online classes and all the on campus activities have been suspended. There are many virtual events organized by the University for us to understand and clarify doubts including virtual tours of the campus, which would help us as the next semester might be on campus. Also, there are pre-recorded lectures if we have missed out on any class.

New Admission Criteria

Many universities have waived GRE & GMAT scores and have given alternatives on how to submit the English Proficiency requirement (IELTS / TOEFL / PTE).For e.g.:- Duolingo Test can be taken from home and for new test takers can attempt a sample to understand the structure. It is also recognized by many institutions.To see where the test is accepted please make sure to go through the website for detailed information.

Admission Application Procedure & Deadline

Covid-19 Impact on Study Abroad Plans, Covid-19 Impact, Admission Application Procedure & Deadline Universities have extended their deadlines for application and document submission. They have also started accepting online/scanned degree certificates which makes it possible for the students to submit and meet the deadlines. If by any chance you feel that you might not be able to meet the eligibility criteria please contact the admissions office. It’s better to submit the application before the deadline and get an extension for document submission.

The point is to stick to the plan and the decision can be taken as and when you get updates about the situation. Many students have opted for deferment, but with the situation being so unpredictable; the best we can do is to wait and upgrade ourselves by gathering information on what can be done next. Universities abroad have also developed an enhanced, blended approach to teaching and learning.

Some individual modules may have changed as a result to provide more flexibility they are trying to help you get to grips with higher education, and potentially new ways of learning. This might include using new technologies to aid you in your learning.

As it’s said you are never too old to learn. Plans might change and the situation will get better. Whichever path you decide, just go ahead with it. There will ways be modifications needed but do not deviate.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Covid-19 Impact on Study Abroad Plans

1. How has Covid-19 impacted study abroad plans?

Covid-19 has led to travel restrictions, campus closures, and uncertainties about health and safety, causing many students to reconsider or delay their study abroad plans.

2. Are international universities still accepting applications for upcoming semesters?

Many universities are still accepting applications, but the mode of instruction (in-person, hybrid, or online) and entry requirements might vary due to the pandemic. Check with the specific institutions for the latest information.

3. Can I defer my study abroad plans due to Covid-19?

Deferring plans might be an option in some cases, depending on the policies of the university and your specific circumstances. Contact the admissions office for guidance on deferral procedures.

4. Will online classes affect the quality of education while studying abroad?

Online classes have become a common alternative due to the pandemic. While they might differ from the traditional experience, many universities have worked to maintain the quality of education through virtual platforms.

5. What safety measures are universities taking for in-person classes during Covid-19?

Universities have implemented measures such as social distancing, mandatory mask-wearing, regular sanitization, and health monitoring to ensure the safety of students and staff.

6. Should I consider studying locally instead of abroad due to the pandemic?

Studying locally might offer more certainty and cost savings during the pandemic. Consider factors like the quality of education, future job prospects, and personal goals before making a decision.

7. How can I stay updated about travel restrictions and entry requirements?

Regularly check official government websites, the university’s communication channels, and consult with travel advisors for the latest information on travel restrictions and entry requirements.

8. Are study abroad scholarships and financial aid still available?

While some scholarships and financial aid might have been affected, many institutions and organizations continue to offer financial support. Research scholarship options and contact the respective authorities for updated information.

9. Can I still apply for student visas amidst the Covid-19 situation?

Student visa application processes might have changed due to Covid-19. Check with the respective country’s embassy or consulate for the latest visa application procedures and requirements.

10. What should I do if I’m anxious about studying abroad during the pandemic?

It’s natural to feel anxious. Stay informed about the health and safety measures taken by universities, and reach out to their support services for guidance on managing anxiety.

11. Can I start my studies online and transition to in-person classes later?

Some universities offer this option, allowing students to start online and transition to in-person classes once travel restrictions are lifted. Inquire with the university about their specific policies.

12. How has the pandemic affected housing options for international students?

Housing options might be limited or adjusted to adhere to safety guidelines. Universities often provide information about available housing and safety protocols.

13. Will my degree hold the same value if I study partially or entirely online?

The value of your degree largely depends on the reputation of the institution and the quality of education. Many universities are adapting to provide rigorous online education that maintains the integrity of the degree.

14. What if I contract Covid-19 while studying abroad?

Universities have protocols for handling Covid-19 cases. Familiarize yourself with the university’s health services and the local healthcare system’s guidelines in case you require medical assistance.

15. Should I purchase travel insurance considering the uncertainties of the pandemic?

Travel insurance is recommended to cover unexpected situations, including medical emergencies and trip cancellations. Review the policy details to ensure COVID-19-related situations are covered.

Remember that the situation is dynamic, and information can change rapidly. Stay informed, communicate with relevant authorities, and make decisions that prioritize your health, safety, and educational goals.


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