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Course After 12th

Course After 12th
“I have been preparing for more than 2 years, now I am tired of studying the same thing again”, “ I had put everything on hold for the entrance exams, but I don’t think I can continue with preparation”, “ I have lost interest in the preparation now, I am just tired of the same” “ I am thinking of changing my course and taking up another course” “ I don’t want the anxiety of uncertainty of exams and then undergo the admission stress”– these are the sentiments of many students of class 11 and 12 especially students from science background, aspiring for various degrees such as Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy.

Generally, exams are the most disliked aspects of the education system. The burden of entrance exams has always been more on and this year this burden doesn’t seem to be ending. These 12th standard students have been preparing for more than two years and now their patience to wait seems to coming to an end. The long wait and uncertainty of exams have many students who are preparing for the entrance exams to relook at their decisions.
It’s natural to feel anxious and tired preparing the same, since neither can they fully relax nor can they concentrate fully on the preparation. The typical timeline has already lapsed and the anxiety is increasing by each day. There are other students too, who took a break / drop last year and were looking for the timely exams this year – for them the wait seems unending; especially their peers have progressed to the next year, increasing the gap. They are getting envious of the non-science students, who are assured of their next step. All these reasons are making the students re-consider their decisions.

But before taking an impulsive decision, think about:

  • your dream of pursuing this career
  • why you chose this stream and the career
  • is it just the uncertainty or boredom of waiting that is driving this decision or is it your lack of preparation and interest have something to do with it
  • the pros and cons of the decision
  • the hard work that you have put in for the past 2-3 years
  • what you gave up for achieving your dream
  • the time and money invested by you and your family
  • the impact it may have on your future
  • whether the other course that you plan to take up, is it really what you want to do and is it in alignment with your skills and interest
  • whether you are prepared to face the challenges the new course offers
  • have you gathered enough information about the career in order to start the new journey

Once you have clarity on the above, ensure that you have had a detailed discussion about this with your parents/guardians or at least speak to a professional counsellor to understand the situation objectively. Objective analysis of the situation will help you see the whole picture clearly. Remember, that this wait… this uncertain period is going to end in some time, and it’s not here to stay permanently; but what you give up in an impulse may affect your life permanently