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Cost & Scholarships In Singapore Growth Centre December 12th, 2017
Singapore Scholarships Cost

Cost & Scholarships In Singapore

There are a range of Singapore Scholarships available for students wishing to study, which can provide help with funds for your study. One of the popular destinations to study, Singapore is fast emerging as the preferred choices to study abroad for Indian students.

The relatively cheap cost of living and tuition fees, when compared to the western countries like USA and UK make studying in Singapore even more lucrative. Not just that, job opportunities post studying in Singapore is also high.

There are options for studying in Singapore scholarships provided by universities and private trust groups. Many Singapore scholarships are given to meritorious students in top institutions. Singapore scholarships can be availed through application to the college if there is a provision for it to international students.Being a student in a German university you have to pay semester contribution depending on the services it includes. Singapore scholarships options can be availed by students from many universities. Candidates applying for Singapore scholarships must secure a high percentile in the entrance exam and school/college results. Singapore scholarships application is usually done via the official institution website.

Singapore Scholarships Expenses

Tuition Fees:

The average cost of study for an international student annual tuition fees range from:

Estimation of Fee structure in Private Institutions

Type of Program


Bachelor Degree

Master Degree

Total Tuition Fees (S$) (approx.)

S$ 10,000 – S$ 19,000

S$ 22,000 – S$ 35,000

S$ 19,000 – S$ 33,000

Estimation of Fee structure in Public Universities

Type of Program



Total Tuition Fees per annum (S$) (approx.)

S$ 30,000 – S$ 37,500 (non professional courses) S$ 45,000 – S$ 95,000 (professional courses)

Research: S$ 16,000 – S$ 25,000 Coursework: S$ 21,000 – S$ 39,500

International students in Singapore spend on average about S$750 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses. The expense for books and stationery would range between S$30 and S$100, depending on the course of studies.

Cost of Living:

International students in Singapore spend an average of about S$750 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses. The expense for books and stationery would range between S$30 and S$100, depending on the course of studies.

  • Individual lifestyle and course of study
  • Accommodation type used by international students
  • Area where one is based
  • Halls/Residence of Living (On campus) is S$200 – S$450 (approx.)
  • Alternative Housing (outside campus) is S$350 – S$1,000 (approx.)


Singapore offers both government and university scholarships and fellowships to students. A majority of the universities in Singapore award scholarships through Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships. There are certain scholarships especially available for Indian students studying engineering in Singapore. Many organizations and trusts in India also provide scholarships to Indian students for studying in Singapore.

Government Scholarships
  • The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships: were established by the federal government’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The program awards over 700 scholarships of up to $ 5,000 each year to brilliant students. Apart from academic talent, the next biggest requirement is major financial need. The Gilman Scholarships are purposely designed to train more diverse leaders in business and international affairs.
  • The David L. Boren Scholarships: are from the federal government. These undergraduate and graduate level programs are offered by the US Department of Homeland Security and generously support international studies in countries critical to national security, including Singapore. The scholarships are mostly offered on competitive basis rather than need basis. The authorities offer scholarships of up to $ 20,000 a year. Students must be enrolled in programs in Singapore.
Scholarships for Engineers
  • Scholarship is offered to engineering students who want to pursue their higher studies in the country. The eligible candidates must possess excellent academic record in their major and be able to offer supporting evidence as to why a program of study in Singapore would add value to their career. Candidates must be enrolled in the National University of Singapore or Nanyang Technology University.
Private Scholarships
  • The Singapore Millennium Foundation: A Singapore-based organization that offers scholarships to international students. Scholarships are offered to post-graduate and post-doctoral students engaged in the field of research. The Foundation offers scholarship to students on their good academic record as well as their research work. Scholarships may be up to $60,000 per year for post-doctoral researchers.
  • Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships: are offered to outstanding students heading off to Singapore to study. Eligible candidates should have excellent academic record in their respective field and international pursuit.