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Career Opportunities in Biotechnology

Career Opportunities in Biotechnology – Swati Salunkhe talks about another sunrise industry after Information technology that is Biotechnology (Career Opportunities In Biotechnology). Biotechnology is a rapidly developing field. Stem cell, natural alternative to pesticide, biofuels and genomic sequencing etc are the innovations made in the field of biotechnology. Biotechnology involves the manipulation of living organisms and biological systems in order to create products for the betterment of the organism. The products could include the development of antibiotics, vaccines and other fields requiring bio-products to improve human life. It is said to be a modern biology, a field that is encompassing. It comes from various fields like Environment, Food, Agriculture or human beings. Biotechnology is the field which is present everywhere. To enter the field of biotechnology one needs to be from the science stream in class 12th and followed by Bachelors and Masters and even Ph.D.

New universities are offering new programs like integrated programs one can do B.Sc/M.Sc. or B.Tech/M. Tech. in the field of biotechnology. One can study various sciences like biology, zoology, chemistry, Microbiology and then stream up to biotechnology. Along with the basic sciences, one also needs to have personality traits like scientific bent of mind, patience and methodological, analytical, eye for detail, critical thinking and problem-solving. Pharmaceuticals industry, Food and drugs industry, Agricultural sectors, Chemical industries, Research in genetics, Clinical Research Biotechnology firms and Medical Sciences are the areas where one can work.