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Career In NGO Management

Career In NGO Management – Charity is virtuous, charity begins at home, and Charity is one of the most important things that you can do, that is what we all have studied & known from our childhood. We see a lot of sufferings around; we see a lot of people who need help be it in the field of education, health or any other financial resources too. There are people who do a lot of charity. In this episode we will understand how charity, just a mere intention of helping others can turn into a career for yourself. Ms. Swati Salunkhe speaks on Career in NGO Management.

People know about NGO but to manage it, do we require a course. Many people say it is about doing some good social work but why do I need a course for that. It is just about distributing something or taking up a cause and fighting for it or seeing it if goes to the person who deserves it. But it is not that way, with CSR activities coming strongly, with the amount of issues the society is facing be it in any field education, health, be it related to some kind of work, be it related to women issues not only that it may be about plants, animals and birds too.

The kind of charity or the kind of work which is associated it could be in any sector. So why do we need a course for that. That’s because NGO management teaches you a lot of things something which you might have not thought about it starts right project management, fund raising, sustainability, you need to see the right kind of people are in the field and they are in the right kind of services to the people who deserve; Right from liaising with government to various other government agencies as well as a lot of firms. That’s because all the companies through the CSR activities are reaching out to people. It could be having a sustainable program in the field of education, it could be water supply, agriculture, saving girl child, saving trees or any kind of an animal.

Working for various social causes looks simple but actually from ideation to implementation requires a lot of proficiency and professional outlook and NGO management helps you in learning that. To study NGO Management you could be a graduate in any field and look for either a management program or P. G. Diploma in NGO Management. So just by doing this course is it well enough? As you know with education qualification you require certain innate personality traits.

One of the biggest traits is your natural feeling or natural self to help the society in some cause and you need to believe in that too, the natural empathy which comes can take you in a career which is self-fulfilling, you need to be a person who is persuasive and very patient. Also, you need to take risk and do not forget the decision-making ability and most importantly ability to cope up and work with a lot of teams. It requires a different kind of mental set up and a big positive attitude because it may take some time to reach the results and that is what NGO management will be teaching you.

There are a lot of opportunities in each and every sector. CSR being the most important function of each and every company but it is not only that, you could be working in Government Organization, Educational Institutes, NGOs, and there are a lot of international organizations too, do not forget that. It could be at the community level or at the society level it could be at each and every level.

So, NGO management is something which is there for people who feel for the society and also make a career for themselves. I hope this episode will give you insights for NGO Management .