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Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In this episode, Ms. Nidhi Mishra talks on the Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The last few decades have seen tremendous growth in world trade products are manufactured in one place, then shipped and sold in other places all over the world.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a management of the flow of goods and services from supplier to consumer. It is a management of business supply side to maximize the customer value and to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Supply Chain Management & Logistics is a multidisciplinary field and combines concepts of Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Operation Management, Logistics, Information Technology, and Marketing.

Logistics Management is a part of supply chain management which design, implements and controls the flow and storage of goods and services between the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet the customer’s requirements.
To enter this field, you need to complete your graduation with any specialization. Further to that you need to clear relevant entrance exams followed by group discussion and personal interview and seek admission in post graduation courses in supply chain management or logistics and supply chain management.

Along with the required educational qualifications you need to have certain skill sets to be successful in this industry. You need to have good communication skills, an eye for detail, problem solving skills, adaptability & sense of responsibility, organizing skills, and leadership skills.

Once you complete the course there are various sectors where you can work such as, Manufacturing and Distribution Sector, Transportation Sector, Shipping Corporations, Aviation Industry, Packaging Sector. Today, with businesses expanding at a rapid pace, it has become almost important to have a full proof system of supply chain management for better distribution of commodities. Supply chain management professionals have become a necessity in production and sales companies and also retail industry. If you have excellent planning and problem-solving skills, then you may consider this as a career choice.