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Career in Law

Pathways to Justice: Embarking on a Career in Law

Career in LawCareer In Law – Ms. Suchitra Surve in this episode talks on career which is been long standing and which requires a lot of research and academic orientation and obviously backed with an analytical mind that is Law. Law is a career is one of the professions that is held in high esteem in the society and one of the most respected professions as well.

Law represents one of the parties in the criminal or civil trials by presenting evidence in court and supporting the client. They basically also counsel their client as to the legal rights and obligations in suggest particular course of action.

When we are talking about law as a system it is nothing but a rule which is enforced towards a set of institutions may used as instruments to under pen the civil disobedience, politics, Economics and society. Law is a rule or a body of rules of conduct to inherent human nature and essential to binding upon human society.

Given the vast aspects of our life, law is not confined to only one area there are various aspects that are involved and hence in academics also we find various areas of specializations. Typically, we have got civil law, constitutional law, corporate law, criminal law, environmental law, family law and of course with the upcoming I.T.

technologies it is also the cyber law and security that has come into being. Along with this intellectual property law, international law, labour law, medical law, real estate law and taxation law are also in enforced. So, if you are interested in any of these areas so many specializations are already available.

There are various ways of entering this field. Pursuing your five years undergraduate degree after class12th; of course, on clearing the relevant examinations or pursuing a three years bachelor’s degree after graduation. There are specializations available at the master’s level. As mentioned earlier you can choose any of the specializations depending on the interest and aptitude.

Many a times we hear a lot of people say that he or she can fight or argue very well so she can become a lawyer but that is not true. The true personality trait or the aspect or the attitude and the aptitude the lawyer needs to have is the ability to interpret law.

There are many other skills that a lawyer needs to have some of them being intellectual ability, an ability to assimilate all the facts and come up with a case, integrity because client’s life is at your hands, mental and physical stamina, excel presentation and convincing skills, the ability to persuade, and something we all need to have today that is patience. Once you have all these skills you are on the threshold on becoming a very good lawyer.

There are many options available for employment other than self-practice are joining law firms, even government services are an option for law students. Educational Institutes if you want to teach law, defence services, banking sector, private sector, public sector even income tax and sales tax officer in excise department and even publishing houses.

Most of the corporates today do have a legal department so when we look at the job opportunities that is just not limited to practice but has not increase in so many areas. A student has to ensure that they are registered with the bar council of India if they want practice law in the country.

If they have taken a degree abroad and want to come back and settle in India, they have to clear the exams given by the regulatory body which is the bar council of India.

If you are interested in ensuring that everybody is entitled to their own rights and everybody should get the justice law is the field for you. Go ahead and don’t shy away as the specializations are many and opportunities are many and there are a lot of people who want to represented by the right kind of person, So, go ahead and become a lawyer.

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