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Career in Journalism

Ms. Swati Salunkhe in this episode speaks on Career in Journalism. “Pen is mightier than Sword” this sentence we have been grown up with and we know it’s power. When we talk about power, we are talking about something that is close to the pen and that is about writing and reporting.

Journalism is one of the most important aspect in the field of media and loads of people get fascinated by journalism they would like to report something, isn’t it interesting to watch the news, the updates which come on the mobile or on our computer screens and of course not to forget newspapers too. So, if you are a person who likes to write, analyse and also report it to masses; journalism can just be the field. So, is journalism only about writing? Well, to write well you need to be a reader first. There are many students who say “I like to write”, “I love writing and have written in their school magazines.” This is just one part of it. The biggest part is you need to be a very good reader and that also not only one subject; you need to read a lot of different subjects.

Journalism is a very interesting field. There are people who are journalist in the field of sports, fashion, photography, education, politics or something related to spirituality or something related to sciences, technology or gadgets. The are many work areas in the field of journalism itself. So, if you want to become a journalist, you can start right form the undergraduate level. You could be taking up a mass communication or a journalism course right after class 12th or you could be taking any of the languages because journalism is not only about a language i.e. English but you could be doing your under graduation in any of the Indian languages or foreign languages too; if you want to get into that part of journalism. For example, if you are keen in Hindi language then you could take up B.A. in Hindi and then pursue post graduation in Journalism. Journalism is all about how to write, what to write and when to write. So, First completing under graduation and then of course taking it to next level by pursuing a post-graduation course may be a Masters or Post graduation Diploma in Journalism or Mass Communication or in Media.

One more aspect comes in to picture in the sense you could be a doctor and write about different aspects of medical sciences, you could be C.A. or financial analyst and talk about the financial aspect; you could be fashion designer and write about fashion journalism. So, it’s generic as well as specific. You could do a proper training which is related to the media field or you could be in any profession and writing would be your skill set and get into journalism.

With the educational qualification there are certain personality traits too basically be open to criticism, you need to be very patient, analytical skills play a big role out here and also you need to be ready to work 24 by 7 and need to report on various aspects. With this personality traits you also need to be open enough to write about different things be it education, politics, sports, or it could be entertainment.

After acquiring your degree as well as knowing your personality traits where do you work? You can work in publication houses, media industry, content writer, I.T. Firms to develop the website content, you could be in an education institutes or you could be writing for the digital space.

So, if you have the power of words in you and are ready to explore the career; journalism can be the field for you.