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Career in Interior Designing

Career in Interior Designing – Land prices are soaring day by day, Not just because of increase in land value but because people want better amenities and beautiful neighborhood. This isn’t restricted to just outside of the house. People want their homes to have maximum functionality and aesthetic value. They want their houses to be beautiful and yet have everything they can accommodate in today’s modest sized houses here is where interior designer comes in to picture. In this episode, Ms. Mugdha Shete talks on understanding Interior designing as a career.

Interior designing, interior decoration or decor is a practice concerned with anything that is found inside a space like walls, windows, doors, textures, light, furnishings and furniture. All of these elements are used by interior designers to develop a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space for a building’s user.

They plan the spaces of almost every type of building including: hotels, corporate spaces, schools, hospitals, private residences, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, and airport terminals, etc. The objective of designing space is to achieve functionality and to create the right kind of atmosphere for the right budget.

To get into Interior Designing, one can pursue diploma after completing 10+2 in any stream, which can range from 1 to 3 years or one can opt for Graduate Programme which is offered by various means like Bachelors in designing or Graduate Diploma Programme in designing by different institutes. To get entry one needs to clear relevant entrance exam conducted by institutes. Duration of the course may be from 3-4 years. After completing graduation, students can go for post graduate degree for 2 years. It is advisable to work as an intern to get hands on experience along with education.

Talking about the personality trait required to become a successful interior designer, one need to have; Good aesthetic sense, Communication Skill , good technical skills like CADD, CAM, AUTO-CADD, design skills, ability to work with groups , ability to work under deadline, good organizing ability, ability to work under pressure.

After completing the course where can you apply your knowledge, one can start working with interior designing firms, architectural firms, private consultancies, builders, public works departments, hotel and resort chains, studios and theaters, exhibition organizers, or last but not the least one can also work as a freelancers.

Demand for Interior designers are growing as people put great emphasis on the design and layout of their living or working spaces. So if you always receive compliments on your home décor taste, and you love choosing color, decorating rooms and arranging furniture. People often ask for your advice when it comes to renovating their homes. Then you should consider a career in interior design.
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