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Career in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Career in Astronomy and Astrophysics – Mrs. Swati Salunkhe in this episode speaks about the field Astronomy and Astrophysics. Space science, Astronomy, is a fascination of lots of minds. They say space science is the final frontier for mankind. Astronomy is a science that deals with the study of movement, nature and the constitution of celestial bodies of the universe. It is said to be one of the branches of physics, but astronomy itself is immense.

With astronomy comes one more aspect that is astrophysics, one of the most known branches of Astrosciences. Astrophysics is the branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe, including the physical properties such as luminosity, density, temperature, and chemical composition of celestial objects such as stars, galaxies, planets all together. It’s an interesting field. It has always caught the fascinations of mankind since ages.

Astrochemistry, Astrogeology, Astrometeorology, Astrometry, Astrobiology, Celestial Mechanics, Cosmology, Optical Astronomy, and Radio Astronomy are the various specializations offered in astronomy as well as astrophysics. Being an in depth study related to Maths and Physics, getting admission after class 12th is not possible as a strong base of these subjects are required. Hence one can study it at the Post graduation or Ph. D level after completing their graduation in Physics, Maths or even computer sciences depending upon the courses provided by various universities.

If you are fascinated by the universe known and still left unknown then Astronomy or Astro physics can be the field for you. A great scientific bent of mind is required with physics and mathematics fundamentals in place, a very inquisitive mind that can think beyond than what is there in front of you. One also needs to be a very detailing person. One needs to love the subject with passion and need to go beyond text books. That is what this field calls for. One needs to have willingness to adapt to long and erratic hours of working in a remote observatory.

Jobs are available after getting into the field for all sorts of scientists in Government agencies, in observatories, in space research organisations, in educational institutions. It’s important to understand that it’s a field of research right from the day you start till you decide not to work on it. Those who love the universe, getting more frontiers for the mankind, astronomy and astrophysics can be the field for you.