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Career in Animation

Career in Animation-Ms. Swati Salunkhe in this episode talks about Career in Animation. Animation is a magical world by itself, which fascinates each and every one. Animation is simply put giving life to an object through drawing, voices, colours combinations or sets, stories or certain characteristics. Using your imagination you can make a tree talk or a house walk. Depending upon your own creativity, characteristics, personality that you have thought in your mind, you can actually bring to life. You need to have a creative to mind. If you have drawing skills then it’s fantastic but with today’s technology it can be taken care off but creativity has to be inbuilt.

There are academic courses in animation. It starts right after class 10th and 12th. The course can be of three- or six-months/certificate or Diploma course or even three to four years of graduation followed by post-graduation. Animation is not something you learn today and the next day after receiving a degree you become an animator. You have to continuously upgrade yourself. Many Software’s are available in the market. You can choose whether you want to go in 2D or 3D animation. Animation is not restricted only to movies, it is seen in many areas such as educational series. Many of the websites giving educational information have explained the subjects or concepts through animation. Animation is not just about entertainment but infotainment too.

You need to learn animation software along with the education qualification such as Adobe flash, Autodesk 3D max, Houdini, Lightwear 3D, animaker, pencil 2D, Cinema 4D, Moho, Blender and so on. Today’s world requires a lot of creativity and newness in every product, film or entertainment. Apart from the software and educational qualification you need to have eye for details. Minute details of the face, facial expression or any kind of movement are essential. You need to couple this with artistic ability and creative bent of mind. One must have immense patience, resilience, flexibility, flare for drawing and sketching, also you will have to generate a lot of creative ideas.

Job avenues are not restricted to film and television industry or the advertising world. Animators can find job prospects in publishing industries, graphic design studios, training and education (E- Learning), Data Communication, Telecommunication industry, Gaming industry, Entertainment industry and so on. But remember you need to be extremely good team player with creative skills and also your knowledge cannot be restricted only to one course or two courses or one qualification. You need to mark yourself through continuous up gradation to survive in the animation industry.