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Career in Agriculture

Harvesting Success: A Guide to Building a Rewarding Career in Agriculture

Career in Agriculture – Mrs. Swati Salunkhe speaks on age-old topic Agriculture which has existed right from the inception of mankind and it is going to last long too. One can’t imagine world without food. It’s noticed that most of the urban kids are not inclined towards agriculture. They wonder whether agriculture or farming can be considered as a profession Yes of course, it can be considered as a profession.

Career in AgricultureAs you know that we are getting the food, we are getting it due to the hard toil of somebody who is working in the fields. Next question is do you require any qualification for that? Let’s go back to the basics. We all agree that the most important ingredient of our livelihood is food, which comes from the fields, and so the farmer so important. There can be a profession which can be a means of livelihood for millions of people.

So how do I get about it? What does it include? What is agriculture all about? We don’t need to define agriculture, we all know it. Add to it, it’s not only about food grains, but it also includes vegetables, fruits, flowers, and it can extend to dairy, poultry, sometimes and fisheries also. So whatever you want to eat, you can get into the field of agriculture.

Primarily, let’s be at present restricted to cultivation or growing up of plants. How to get into this field? Though it’s the oldest form of human activity, it has a formal way of getting into it. One can get into it after your Class 12th in Science with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and getting into Agriculture it could be B.E Agriculture Engineering, B.SC Agriculture in horticulture, Floriculture, Sericulture. Passing of 12th class is not enough; you also need to clear the relevant exam.

To get this, you need to study all the agricultural courses in the university itself, it might be the Central or State universities. It takes a lot to become a farmer, it’s not a six months course, and you need to invest three to four years for this formal training course, and it doesn’t end over here you have Masters Programme also in this, not only in Agriculture, Agriculture Sciences but also Agri-Business Management also.

Remember agriculture is not the poor old farmer that you have always visualized; it is something that you work for others while making your own livelihood. So can anyone become an agriculturist? As the field looks simple it has its own requirements. One needs to be Innovative and Determined, have good Analytical Skills and need to be Adaptable, Time management and Problem-Solving skills.

Green Revolution has in its wake, brought numerous job opportunities in all the agriculture-related field such as Government Ministries and departments, Research institutions, Agricultural universities, and various other service organizations. Job openings are not restricted to the field itself but with the entry of several Corporate Houses in the area of Food Processing, agriculture is the fast becoming Export Industry.

It is opening up doors for many would-be Entrepreneurs. One can find an opening in Banking’s, Civil and State Services, Dairy Farming, NGOs, Universities, Manufacturing of Agricultural Equipment’s, various Agricultural Research Centres.

Agriculture is the oldest of the industries and here to stay in the Main State; irrespective of the Economies, Caste, Culture, Creed, or Geographical locations, the entire world requires food. Food being the basic need is going to stay here forever.

Students who are enthused towards the environment, towards organic farming, having a good amount of pulses, flowers, fruits, this can be just a place to be in. Wherein you not only take care of your own groceries but also become a grocer for lots of people around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions for Career in Agriculture:

What is a career in agriculture all about?

A career in agriculture involves various activities related to farming, livestock management, crop production, agribusiness, and food production. It encompasses a wide range of roles and responsibilities in the agriculture and agri-food sectors.

What are the key career options in agriculture?

Career options in agriculture include roles such as farmer, agronomist, agricultural engineer, livestock manager, agricultural economist, agribusiness manager, food scientist, and agricultural educator, among others.

What education is required to pursue a career in agriculture?

The educational requirements vary based on the specific career path. Many careers in agriculture require at least a bachelor’s degree in fields like agriculture, agronomy, animal science, horticulture, or agricultural engineering. Some positions may require advanced degrees or specialized certifications.

Is agriculture a profitable career choice?

Agriculture can be a profitable career, but it depends on factors such as the type of farming or agribusiness, location, market conditions, and the individual’s expertise. Successful agricultural professionals can earn competitive incomes.

What are the job prospects for individuals pursuing a career in agriculture?

Job prospects in agriculture are generally favorable, as the industry is essential for food production and sustainability. As the world’s population continues to grow, there is a consistent demand for skilled professionals in agriculture.

How can I gain practical experience in agriculture?

Gaining practical experience in agriculture can be achieved through internships, apprenticeships, or entry-level positions on farms, research institutions, agricultural companies, or government agencies.

What is the role of technology in modern agriculture careers?

Technology plays a significant role in modern agriculture, with advancements in precision farming, data analytics, automation, and biotechnology. Professionals often use technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in agriculture.

Are there opportunities for entrepreneurship in agriculture?

Yes, agriculture offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship, from starting a farm or agribusiness to developing innovative agricultural products or services. Entrepreneurial individuals can carve out unique paths in the industry.

How does a career in agriculture contribute to sustainable and responsible farming practices?

Many agricultural professionals focus on sustainable and responsible farming practices to ensure long-term environmental and economic viability. They may work on conservation efforts, organic farming, or improving resource management.

What are the challenges and rewards of a career in agriculture?

Challenges in agriculture may include weather-related risks, market fluctuations, and the physical demands of farming. Rewards include the satisfaction of producing food, contributing to food security, and the opportunity to work closely with nature.

Is a career in agriculture suitable for people without a farming background?

Yes, a career in agriculture is accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Many professionals in the agriculture industry come from non-farming backgrounds and bring valuable skills and perspectives to the field.

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