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Career Counselling Myths

Career Counselling Myths – In this episode, Ms. Suchitra Surve talks about some myths related to career counselling. The first myth is that aptitude test does not assess skills for music/sports/performing arts. Careers in dance/sports/performing arts are talent based. Till date, we do not have tests to assess these areas. The only thing, that drives these careers are passion and talent. To identify this talent, patience & potential is required to pursue these as careers.

One of the aspect that needs to be understood is that these fields require certain training and this training can begin from the age group of 4-5 years and can last for 10 to 20 years but there has to be inbuilt talent that the child should have and a lot depends on the perseverance and the training taken to pursue these careers.

The second myth is that no new courses or information were recommended in the counselling session. It is easier to access information through many popular search engines & WhatsApp forwards. So many parents come with the idea that we will be getting something different or new and also there are parents who feel courses suggested are 25 years old when they were studying. You need to understand that we are talking about academic pursuits and academic concepts. Concepts will not change be it of accountancy or sciences. Yes, the type of course, may evolve over time but the basics will remain the same as we are talking about curriculum. Hence there is a possibility you might be suggested careers out of the available options.

Our aim at Growth Centre is to suggest courses and careers which are recognized and well accepted by the industry both in India and Abroad. The third myth is new/different/ off beat / happening careers will be suggested in the session. You need to understand that different careers will happen once you have completed the course or education. The aim of education and academic is to equip you with basic concept and theory from which you will be able to develop and evolve in new careers. There are many upcoming careers which may not have a formal course available. You may have to opt for short term / part-time courses or learn on the job. Keep writing to us so that we can demystify myths related to career counselling.