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Career Counselling Myths Part-2

Career Counselling Myths Part-2 – In this episode, Ms. Suchitra Surve talks about some myths related to career counseling. One of the frequent queries asked by parents and students is what is the scope available or money earned in the suggested careers by the counselors? Question is valid, money does play an important role but we need to understand that every career has its pros and cons.

Scope in any career always depends on how you decide to take that career ahead. Some careers will come with a lot of opportunities and certain careers will have limited opportunities. But how you will grow in it will depend upon your skills and perseverance.

The money will change with industry, organization, location, and area that you’re working in and more on the skills that you bring to the table. While deciding on the career think about what you have, what you can give in or innovate in that career rather than just focusing on how much you are going to earn because talent has no limit in how much earning you can make.

Another myth is that the results of the academics marks and aptitude test are different. The assessments that we use are based on the standardized norms and have a psychological base to it. It helps in identifying the conceptual understanding of the student. What a student studies for the exams may be different because they do the rot learning or just writing an answer without understanding can happen. That’s why we see a discrepancy between the ability assessed and the scores in academic reports.

Another concern that parents have is suggesting top ranking colleges. As counselors, we can give you an unbiased list of colleges. Since there is no one single authority who defines the ranking for the colleges. It is always better to go with the recognized course. Visiting the college or talking with students or alumina might help you. It is beyond a counselor’s purview of work to suggest the top ranking colleges. Hopefully, this will help to go and meet the counselors with the right mindset and open mind, introspect and take a wise decision.