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Career as Wildlife Photographer

In this episode, Ms. Chandani Kapoor Talks about the profession which was made popular by the character Farhan in the movie 3 Idiots that is wildlife photography. Wildlife photographers shoot or click photographers of wild animals, nature and forest. If one is an outdoor person, love animals and nature then one can consider this as a profession. But one requires a lot of patience and stamina. There are very few options and colleges offering courses in wildlife photography. One can begin the training by taking the course in photography, attend a small workshop or take diploma courses in photography. There are few universities which offer degree courses in photography. It is essential that one work with an established photographer and gain experience in the field. Along with the formal education, one needs to have a lot of patience as the subject is going to be in their natural self. One can take up assignments in travel magazines, Newspapers, TV Channels and in government agencies. One can also work as a freelance photographer or take up jobs in publishing houses. As a wildlife photographer one needs to be ready to travel, stay outdoors for long hours especially in jungles.