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Canada Visa Application and Admission Procedure Growth Centre December 12th, 2017
Canada Visa Application

Application Procedure & Visa In Canada

Canada Visa application and admission procedure for universities include submitting your application to the institution, accepting a Letter of Offer and applying for student visa. Every year, thousands of students are welcomed in Canada to study in a variety of post-secondary and higher-education institutions. They acquire valuable skills and knowledge, as well as the enriching experience of living and studying in a new and different environment. These newly acquired set of skills & experience help live an enriching career.

The Canada Visa Application Procedure has the below steps;

The Canadian Application Procedure is more or less the same for international students as their Canadian and US counterparts. However, if a student has not been studying the majority of their coursework in English for more than a year, they will need to provide a TOEFL or IELTS document. It is also not a requirement for students to submit the SAT or ACT scores for undergraduate studies, but is optional if the student feels it strengthens their application.

The institute/university fees are usually uniform for all students regardless of where they come from. Students applying for a study permit to Canada must demonstrate to the Canadian Embassy their ability to pay all university, living, and travel costs for their time at the institute/university.

  • September – December
  • January – April 

All students applying to Canadian institutes are expected to be fluent in English. All international students need to produce a proof of their English language competency.  Acceptable scores in an English Language Exam are as follows:

IELTS score in the range of:

  • 6 – 6.5 for undergraduate students
  • 6.5 7 for postgraduate students

TOEFL score in the range of:

  • 80 and above for undergraduate students
  • 90 and above for postgraduate students 

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Studies
  • A good score in HSC
  • IELTS (6 –  6.5)
  • TOEFL (80 & Above)
Advance Diploma / Diploma / Certificate
  • Higher Second Class in HSC
  • IELTS (6 – 6.5)
  • TOEFL (80 & Above)
Post-Graduate Studies
  • Bachelors Degree
  • IELTS (6.5 – 7)
  • TOEFL (90 and above)
Masters Studies
  • A good score in Bachelors degree
  • Postgraduate certificate or Diploma
  • IELTS (7 – 7.5)/TOEFL (90 and above)
  • no study permit is required for a study program of up to six months
  • Programs longer than six months require a study permit
  • If you do not have a valid study permit and wish to continue your studies, you will have to leave Canada in order to apply for one.
  • A medical test will be required for a study program exceeding 6 months.
  • You may need to submit Police verification certificate if you are coming to Canada as a tourist, student or temporary worker. For Permanent Residence Visa, police certificate is mandatory.
  • Visa and Student Authorization will be issued if the student is found to be in good health and there are no other concerns with their application. If additional documents are required, intimation will be sent by the visa officer.
  • The student may be called for an interview, if required. If this is the case, you will be advised the time and place for the interview.

The student visa in Canada is most commonly known as Study Permit. All international students are required to obtain a Student Visa before going to Canada for studies. Students must also meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. Application should be made to the nearest Canadian visa office. The processing time for a Canadian student visa depends on the individual case of the applicants; some may take a week or a month’s time. Under normal circumstances, at least two months are required for visa processing. The visa fee varies from country to country. Students should log on to official Canadian visa site and check for the updated requirements and visa processing fees and do the needful. Also do make a note that the type of visa you can apply for & the documents required for the same depends upon your country of origin and the type and length of study, you may require:

  • A study permit
  • For Quebec-bound students, a CAQ (Quebec Application Certificate)