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All About Careers – Part 2

All About Careers

Once the myths are clear, we understand that it is essential we start thinking seriously about the careers. The numerous career options available today make the process more challenging. But before we understand how to plan, lets understand why plan a career?

As mentioned earlier, a career is a lifetime journey, so it only makes sense to ensure that we not only enjoy this journey, but also bring out the best in us and for us; whether it is intellectual stimulation, money or fame. Hence, making a plan and deciding on a career is very important. Though it may not turn out exactly as you had imagined, but a plan always helps to keep us on track, know the loopholes and prepare a back up.

Back-up plan has its own share of criticisms – the main being – ‘one will lose the focus and motivation to achieve the dream’. Merely obtaining good marks does not guarantee a seat in desired course or college. But given today’s increased competitive times, lack of seats, more applicants and well-prepared students; it becomes imperative that a second best option is kept ready.

Nevertheless, having a plan has never harmed anyone; and especially in today’s uncertain times, it makes sense to have one. So, moving on certain aspects to be kept in mind while making a career plan:

  • Try to find what you are good at
  • Find what suits your personality and temperament
  • Figure out what you like to do
  • Understand the educational path
  • Find out the time required to study the course and settle in the career
  • Be aware of the expenses involved
  • Find
  • Know what skills you should have [other than educational qualification] or have which can be used in various fields
  • Explore the job opportunities
  • Know the demands, challenges, pros and cons of the career
  • Find out what are your values, what do you want achieve through your career [fame, money, stability, adventure]
  • Speak to professionals [qualified counsellors or someone from the field] to know insights about the field

It always recommended to make an informed decision rather than based on impression. Be vocal about your career choice, discuss and find as much possible. If you made the choices, review them keeping in mind the above points. Even if you have not thought of what you want to, you still have time, start now… There are many who do many things in one lifetime, but we need to know our limits and how far we can go. So be objective in this whole process. But, once you have made a decision, be focussed and motivated to achieve your dream.

Remember, careers do not happen overnight. It requires proper planning, persistent efforts and a continuous learning attitude.