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What is Accounting?

Accountancy or accounting is the system of recording, verifying, and reporting of the value of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in the books of account to which debit and credit entries are chronologically posted to record changes in value. Such financial information is primarily used by lenders, managers, investors, tax authorities and other decision makers to make resource allocation decisions between and within companies, organizations, and public agencies. The field of accounting is always remain in demand as it is the backbone of every business entity. Accountant is needed in every industry. Growing economic and commercial activities has made accounting an integral part of our everyday lives. Any business requires an accountant who would be responsible for maintaining books of accounts.

When Can I Enroll for Accounting Career?





B.Com/B.Com. [Accounting & Finance]


3 Yrs.

No Exam

BBA [Accounting & Finance]


Autonomous Exam

M. Com [Accounting & Finance]

B. Com/BMS

2 Yrs.

No Exam


Post Graduation in relevant field

3-5 Yrs.

Autonomous Exam

Professional Courses after Graduation or with at least 3-4 years of Work Experience

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Financial Accounting

What Aptitude Is Required to Become an Accountant?

  • High Abstract Reasoning
  • High Psychomotor Ability
  • High Numerical Ability

IQ Required for Being an Accountant?

Minimum Above Average Intelligence level preferred along with sufficient amount of Hard Work.

Job Prospects for an Accountant

  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector
  • Accounting Firms
  • MNC’s
  • Health Sector
  • Teaching
  • Law firms
  • Insurance Sector
  • Banks
  • Self Practice