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10th Board – 2022

10th Board – 2022
Most 10th graders this year, are praying that the board exams shouldn’t happen like last year. The online studies and stay at home for the past one year has started working on the minds and motivational levels of the students. Trapped in a web of questions such as why study, why study now, what course to pursue [and why], the students are going through a lot of anxiety and confusions. Not to mention constant parental nagging about studying. The outcome, a strange and tensed atmosphere in the house.

Basically, very few students enjoy studying and hence 10th Std, Board Exam, Stress – have become synonyms. Most of the students study by force and due to fear. Many parents make their children study by showing the fear of exams. And in the current situation and if there is no board exam then the big question for the parents is – how to get the children to study or how to motivate them to study on their own?

  • First of all, emphasize the importance of education and make them aware of how education affects life, what opportunities are available and what they will have to forego due to lack of education. They need to be convinced by ‘showing things in reality and practical’, not just by ‘preaching’.
  • Try to understand exactly what obstacles your child is facing in his/her studies and why; try to figure out how much they understand, and figure out solutions accordingly.
  • Let your children make a timetable & schedule. As parents, you should just make sure that they follow it. In this, all the elders and seniors in the house should mutually agree to follow the rules. No one should make an excuse or overrule in any way.
  • Create an environment conducive to study. If possible, assign a dedicated, quiet and undisturbed area for studying. But, don’t let others in the house disrupt their routine.
  • Some children understand better by ‘listening’, some by ‘seeing’ or some by ‘doing’ things. Some prefer to get up early in the morning, while others prefer to study at night or alone – understand your children’s study method and help them accordingly.
  • Writing, reading, reviewing, solving past question papers – all this should be done regularly. This builds children’s confidence in to understand their preparedness and helps them realize how much study is left and what concepts are not yet understood.
  • You can provide your children with more notes, videos or other apps to explain the concept, but only if it is appropriate and necessary. Do not overdo.
  • Keep in touch with their Teachers regularly to keep track your child’s progress; but don’t interfere or overreact.
  • Non-monetary rewards should be given for following the schedule and non-adherence to a schedule must be punished – but creatively and in a non-abusive way. For example: feeding unwanted vegetables / reducing the time for playing mobile games or restricting bedtime or making them do some household chores.
  • Since everything is online, the strain on children’s eyes has increased, so do some ‘off-screen time’ activities and let the kids take a break. Make time for board games, exercise, hobbies.

The children should be made to understand that no one can tell now whether there will be exams next year or not. But if there is a situation where the board does not hold the exam, then the marks of the test, semester, and prelims test will be considered. Simply put, only ‘board’ exams may not happen, but the other exams will happen throughout the year and that is why it is necessary to prepare for 10th standard from the first day. Remember, their aptitude and interest in each subject may be different. Hence there might be resistance or dislike towards some subjects. Seek professional counselling help if required.

Most importantly, allow your children to take responsibility for themselves, for their studies, and for the consequences too. All the Best to the parents for this year’s 10th !!